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More than a century has already passed, but the passion has remained the same as then, that for woodworking with artisan techniques and care, with attention to quality and experience handed down from generation to generation with care and curiosity, through the research of always different and original applications.

These are the solid foundations of our company; over a hundred years of activity and love for one’s “profession”, a long history that since 1890 with the first carpentry workshop leads to the current production unit organized on over 10,000 square meters of surface which is placed as a reference for capacity and experience national for the design and production of furniture for public and private communities. The strength of our company lies in the potential to internally produce all the references in the catalog, at the same time as the great flexibility and design and production capacity to create entire customized supplies.

From 1937 when Nespoli Ettore e Fratelli was officially founded, to 1973, the year of transformation and establishment of the current company, the path is one of continuous growth and innovation, aimed at exploring different and always original areas, up to the current production and distribution structure that through the reference brands of the individual “divisions” it has established itself in the supply of work and hospitality spaces, educational and didactic spaces, reading spaces and supplies for special projects.